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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Prowess Consulting ran up to 92% more OpenRadioss Ford® Taurus 10M simulations per day by choosing Amazon Web Services® (AWS) C6i instances with Intel, as compared to AWS C6g instances with AWS® Graviton2.
AI is everywhere today, in mobile devices, cloud services, software, and even operating systems, such as Windows. Now, PC chip makers are going all in on AI processors to help support and accelerate specialized AI workloads. For example, AMD offers AMD Ryzen™ AI (AMD XDNA™) chips. Intel has countered with its Intel® Core™ Ultra (“Meteor […]
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Analysis conducted by Prowess Consulting indicates that a multicloud solution—a combination of on-premises and off-premises locations—could save money over the public cloud for a variety of workloads.
Prowess Consulting explains the Amazon® Elastic Compute Cloud™ (Amazon EC2®) architecture nomenclature and how you can select instances that improve cloud performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership (TCO).
Hybrid work is here to stay. 64% of executives are convinced that flexible work options motivate employees, and more than 70% of employees are working from home at least 2–3 days per week.1 But hybrid work environments create a unique set of challenges for organizations. As employees use more devices, access more applications, and work […]
Today’s data centers face the challenge of extracting as much value from their data as they can in the least amount of time possible. At the same time, fast-rising energy costs have everyone scrambling to lower the cost of powering and cooling their hardware infrastructures. In a study sponsored by Intel, Prowess Consulting looked for […]
The cloud is a popular place to be. That’s because even organizations that do not traditionally operate in the virtualized digital realm, such as auto manufacturers and supermarkets, want what the cloud provides: agility, efficiency, and the ability to glean intelligence like never before. With the cloud, these organizations can achieve their goals thanks to […]
Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) landscape is more multifaceted than ever, offering solutions from a range of technologies tailored to diverse business needs. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT® and DALL-E have captured the most attention, but traditional predictive machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms are the tried-and-true AI workhorses that many businesses count on to deliver business value. While artificial general intelligence (AGI) remains an enticing future prospect, there are traditional and generative AI solutions you can implement today to accelerate innovation, increase customer engagement, improve user productivity, and boost operational efficiency.
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