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In this dynamic marketplace, data is not just information; it’s the key to unlocking unparalleled insights and driving business growth. Our specialized analytics services are designed to elevate your business, optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and position you at the forefront of the competition. Prowess Consulting brings a wealth of experience and expertise, providing comprehensive analytics services designed exclusively for the retail and CPG industry.

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Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative approach to data and AI. We deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive continuous improvement.


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Marketing analytics

Gain real-time insights into campaign performance, customer segmentation, and other critical marketing metrics to maximize your ROI.

Portfolio analytics

Strategically manage your product portfolio with in-depth analysis and recommendations that align your product mix with market demands and emerging trends.

Risk and regulatory
Risk and regulatory

Proactively address risks and stay compliant with our specialized solutions designed for the complex regulatory environment of retail and CPG businesses.

Operations analytics

Streamline processes, optimize supply chains, and enhance overall operational efficiency with our Operations Analytics solutions.

Customer experience analytics

Elevate your customer experience strategy with actionable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and feedback.

Frequently asked questions

AI is transforming retail in a few ways. For example, it optimizes inventories and ordering, and strategically places products based on user interactions. AI aids in co-product marketing and tailors promotions. It improves recommendations by analyzing customer behavior. And it automates follow-up communications for customer engagement. In essence, AI is reshaping retail operations and customer experiences.

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that all retailers are using some form of AI-powered technologies.

With AI, retailers are better able to manage inventories and improve product placements. The disruption cuts both ways. On the positive side, you are getting better recommendations that are more relevant to you as a consumer. On the negative side, you are getting a curated view of the world and options available to you.

Refinement of models will improve the placement and targeting of products to specific customers worldwide. With AI, new retail solutions can address risks and stay compliant in the CPG industry’s complex regulatory environment.

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