Technical and creative expertise in action

Throughout our long history, Prowess Consulting has focused on uniting marketing and engineering competencies to address our clients’ priorities and tell their stories.

Serving the tech industry for over 20 years

In 2003, the Pacific Northwest was already a hub for tech companies determined to shape the future of the digital world. Prowess opened for business that year to meet the specific needs of these pioneers by combining technical skills with strategic solution expertise. From the beginning, our founders have focused on integrity as a core value, and we are determined to put it into action every day.

Throughout our journey, we’ve kept integrity at the core of our work. We’ve supported our clients’ operations and growth in expanding ways, while remaining focused on how we can make them look good. We’ve supported each other, too, through collaboration and consideration. Today, we’re continuing to build trust, deliver quality at every turn, and thrive in the world of technology.


Who we are


Our experienced writers and designers craft clear, compelling stories for technical and business audiences. Our keen interest in all things technical is balanced with a passion for engaging customers at every level of an organization and addressing their biggest challenges in memorable and impactful ways.


Dedicated to championing your solutions, our highly skilled engineers demo, prototype, test, and prove your products for real-world conditions. With core competencies in managed IT services, benchmarking, cloud services, network engineering, and more, we love designing innovative approaches to solving IT problems.


Our goal-focused strategists work with you to define and create solutions that help inform product-management decisions and refine your marketing and sales tactics. We can guide you in mapping out the optimal ways to increase your audience’s interest, understanding, and adoption of your technologies.

The importance of long-term partnership

An important year for us at Prowess was 2005. Believing in the power of long-term relationships, we began to offer annual-contract managed programs to our clients, where we demonstrated our value on an ongoing basis each year. We’ve operated some client programs for over 13 years, becoming an integral part of their teams and their successes. Prowess is still engaged in some of those first managed programs today.


Roots in technology led to a new product

A team at Prowess created a virtual machine automation tool in 2007 to support the consulting work we were doing for our clients. As we used this tool, we realized it could apply to any computer, virtual or physical, so, in 2011, we developed it into a mass-market software product named SmartDeploy. SmartDeploy was acquired in 2021 by a private equity-backed software business and continues to operate successfully today.

What does growth look like for a modern consulting company?

In 2020, we expanded Prowess internationally, beginning with operations in Ireland. Today, Prowess employees live in seven different countries and, in 2023, we expanded further with operations in Nigeria. Prowess locations in the United States include Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

Our core team of over 100 content creators, writers, designers, strategists, and engineers are communication, technology, and marketing experts. Each year we develop greater specialization in Prowess’ core competencies, while expanding our technical capabilities around platforms and tools. Throughout our growth, Prowess team members have continued to put clients’ interests first, emphasizing integrity and quality in everything we do. 



Come work with us at Prowess

We’re always looking for great people who are passionate about communications, technology, and marketing.