Accelerate Demanding Graphics and AI Workloads with GPUs and DPUs, Even in Virtualized Environments

Testing by Prowess Consulting determined that Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers configured with VMware vSphere® 8.0 Update 2 can make full use of hardware accelerators to enhance the performance of demanding workloads, even in a virtualized environment.

It’s no revelation to say that workloads are growing increasingly complex for enterprise and small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). AI and machine learning (ML) use cases demand high performance. 3D modeling, rendering, and advanced simulations are needed in architecture, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing workflows. Media and entertainment organizations require complex rendering of video footage. Even database workloads need increasingly high compute power to keep up with modern needs in nearly every industry—from retail to finance to manufacturing and more.

One way to address this challenge is to employ hardware acceleration. For example, adding graphics processing units (GPUs) to data center servers offers the potential to boost performance for demanding workloads. In addition, data processing units (DPUs) can improve performance and reduce latency by offloading networking functions from the CPU. But are those performance gains realized when the workloads are running in virtualized environments, such as with VMware vSphere®?

In this study, commissioned by Dell Technologies, Prowess Consulting testing confirmed that GPUs and DPUs can provide significant performance increases for vSphere deployments.

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