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Automation has drastically shifted the working mechanism across industries. Whether banking, IT, or retail, process automation has optimized customer journeys and operations, making them cost-efficient. Prowess Consulting specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for businesses aiming to optimize their operations through process mining and automation.


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Process mining

Process mining is a data-driven approach to analyzing, monitoring, and optimizing business processes by extracting knowledge from event logs generated during the execution of these processes. It involves discovering, monitoring, and improving processes by leveraging data mining, machine learning, and business process management techniques.

Process Automation
Process automation

Process automation involves using technology to perform routine business tasks or processes with minimal human intervention. It aims to streamline workflows, reduce manual effort, and enhance efficiency. Automation can be applied to various processes, including repetitive, rule-based tasks and complex decision-making processes.

Frequently asked questions

Many business processes can benefit from some degree of automation. From customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning workflows, to inventory management in retail to patient experience in healthcare—we can help you automate your tedious manual processes and accelerate your digital transformation.

This process enhances transparency and efficiency in business processes by providing data-driven insights. We can provide guidance on the technology needed to identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and improve overall performance.

Businesses can enjoy increased productivity and reduced operational costs by automating repetitive tasks. Our experts can advise on how to implement automation leading to faster processing times, improved accuracy, and better resource allocation.

It refers to using technologies, including AI and other software, to perform functions more efficiently or without human intervention.

A process is a series of tasks. Managing an inventory within a store, for example, has many tasks and steps.  Some of these, such as auto ordering when inventory hits a certain level, can be automated. Restocking of shelves is less likely to be automated.

Process automation is varied. Two different types are robotic and digital.  Robotic examples include processes in manufacturing such as painting a car.  Digital automation can include workflows composed of different components such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and a customer relationship management (CRM) application. Digital automation builds a bridge between the components and performs tasks without human intervention.

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