Choose High Data-Efficiency Technology for Lower Storage TCO

Prowess Consulting testing confirms the Dell™ PowerStore™ 1200T storage platform exceeds its data reduction ratio (DRR) guarantee of 5:1. This storage solution uses fewer drives, less administration time, and less power to store the same amount of data as a competing vendor’s solution.

Successful businesses use data-driven decisions to increase sales, enrich customer experiences, and improve operational efficiencies. To get the insights they need, they run high-speed analytics on high-volume datasets. At the same time, they need to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and meet sustainability goals.

A cost- and energy-efficient storage solution is one way of resolving many of these challenges. To explore available options, Prowess Consulting compared two storage platforms. In a study commissioned by Dell Technologies, we tested storage solutions from two vendors: the Dell™ PowerStore™ 1200T solution and a product from a competitor we call Vendor A.

Dell Technologies guarantees a data reduction ratio (DRR) of 5:1 for reducible data with the PowerStore 1200T solution, whereas Vendor A guarantees a DRR of 4:1.1,2 We tested both platforms using a simulated dataset and observed that the PowerStore 1200T solution delivered a significantly higher DRR of 5.4:1, compared to the Vendor A solution’s DRR of 2.5:1. This higher data efficiency enables organizations to use fewer drives to achieve the same storage capacity. Fewer drives mean smaller infrastructure footprints, lower hardware costs, and less power used for storage and cooling.

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