Software engineering and automation services

Continuous integration and automation of your critical systems.

Why Prowess?

Prowess Consulting provides software engineering services to support enterprises that increasingly run on an integrated combination of third-party and internally developed tools and software services. 

When integration requires more than a technical knowledge worker but less than a dev team, Prowess Consulting’s software engineers can connect, orchestrate, automate, validate, and support business platform tooling. This approach streamlines your development activities and helps you get to market faster. 

We have more than two decades of experience providing software engineering services to support our customers through the continuous integration and automation of their critical systems and software, including the implementation and testing of AI systems. Our broad engineering and system-orchestration expertise can help you create reliable workflows across your teams, providing them with the data they need, and enabling you to meet your unique business and compliance requirements. 

Our engineers often solve complex business challenges, working against multi-year backlogs to bring monumental efficiency gains through workflow automation. We run automated validation testing to help ensure systems are operational and up to date. With guidance from our expert engineers, you can receive: 

Celebrating 20 Years
Internal Dashboards

Insights driven to internal management dashboards

Data Provided

Data provided to the requisite business units (BUs), regulatory agencies, or public websites


Tools used by knowledge workers to get more work done faster

Useful Feedback

Quality feedback including test results and key performance indicators (KPIs)


Backlog management

Release Management

Release management

Bug Fixes

Support and bug fixes

Digital Transformation

Digital enterprises have proliferating internal and external systems that different teams rely on to run the business. Prowess Consulting helps enterprises on their digital-transformation journeys to modernize and connect their systems to accomplish a variety of goals, including: 

  • Improved efficiency 
  • Better-informed management decisions 
  • Bridging information gaps within the business 
  • Accelerated innovation 

Our software engineering services and programs can help you achieve better business results through significant cost savings and faster, deeper insights compared to do-it-yourself approaches. 

Realizing great business results from digital transformation is not a monolithic project. The end-state vision of digital transformation is centralized data connected across dozens or hundreds of apps and services, with visibility that is relevant to the appropriate audiences and users. But there is no finish line. Prowess Consulting helps enterprises mobilize and sustain permanent technical workstreams to deliver on their digital-transformation goals. 

Digital Transformation

Benefits of Software Engineering from Prowess Consulting

Few efforts offer more value to business teams than software automation. You can trust Prowess Consulting to work with you to identify and implement automated solutions that enable you to realize the gains that will move your business forward: 

  • Keep the focus on core business activities 
  • Adopt new solutions and services faster 
  • Cost-effectively increase tactical productivity 
  • Improve data quality and reliability 

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Frequently asked questions

In enterprise businesses, software engineers do the technical work of connecting many different services, systems, and data sources to help automate knowledge work and provide users with access to the data they need. That work includes coding, scripting, and managing data in order to improve efficiency by automating processes and providing more access to information by building user experiences and reporting dashboards. 

We help our clients achieve digital transformation by providing the technical and management experts and teams to help establish and operate programs and to integrate and automate systems, centralize and manage data, and publish data to the right audiences and users. 

Prowess Consulting is technologyagnostic. We build teams to meet our clients’ specifications, enabling us to snap to your processes and policies to help advance your business. For more than two decades we have served clients with wideranging needs, expectations, and processes, and we have helped our clients move from old platforms and work styles to new ones. Although we believe agile project methodology is often the most efficient approach, certain business cases are calendardriven and can require hard deadlines. Our teams are styled to the needs and technologies your business requires to help you see the digital transformation you’re looking for. 

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