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In today’s data-driven world, advanced analytics is the key to unlocking valuable insights that can transform your business. With technology evolving every day, it is difficult for enterprises to keep track. At Prowess Consulting, we make it easy by blending advanced analytics consulting with our tailored data analytics consulting to help you make smarter data-driven decisions.

Our advanced analytics consulting services

Next-level analytics for a data-driven future.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics consulting

We use advanced techniques to measure, analyze, and optimize marketing efforts. This helps businesses understand customer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends. With Prowess, dive deep into valuable insights, optimize campaigns, and unleash the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Customer analytics

Customer analytics consulting

Customer analytics focuses on understanding and optimizing the customer journey. Our data analytics solutions transform raw information into strategic insights, empowering your business to make informed decisions and cultivate lasting customer relationships. Uncover the path to customer satisfaction with our insightful analytics – turning data into relationships.

Risk analytics consulting

Risk analytics is vital for businesses in industries such as banking, insurance, and healthcare. We help assess and mitigate several types of risks, including financial, operational, and regulatory risks, which in turn empowers you to make informed decisions for a secure future.

Frequently asked questions

Data analytics typically refers to any type of data analysis, including solutions that have been available for many years.

Advanced analytics would be a subset of this overall discipline and usually refers to using the latest technologies and approaches to solve complex problems, or even predict future outcomes.

Hardware technology has increased in capability, and many large companies can and have deployed large server farms that can run complex models against large sets of data, either on prem or in the cloud.

Many different approaches are now readily available. For AI consulting there is a very large number of specific models that can be used in advanced analytics.

  • Pharmaceutical companies creating new options for drug research.
  • Material science organizations are using it to develop new compounds and chemical structures.
  • Financial services are using it to improve trading and fraud detection.

Many organizations lack a mature data strategy and modern infrastructure, leaving them with fewer analytics options. For example, they might be limited to descriptive reports based on old, warehoused data. Descriptive analytics can show you what happened last year or last quarter, but they aren’t great tools for real-time, data-driven decisions. Advanced analytics can give you that insight and can even predict future trends.

You can use advanced analytics tools for marketing and customers to achieve sustainable growth. We can help you in the process by integrating digital and analytics tools, building internal analytics capabilities, and transforming work processes.

With our guidance in making an IT transformation, advanced analytics consulting can help you, for instance, simplify customer experience, reduce time to market, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Hardware – fast compute (e.g. large banks of servers with CPU and GPU)
  • Large storage arrays with low latency for accessing large datasets.
  • Software tools and solutions for use by data scientists

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