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Why Prowess?

Accelerate time to market. Reduce risks and costs. Improve productivity. Respond more quickly to business changes. All of this is within reach with the help of Prowess Consulting’s software development and testing experts. 

We deliver technical and management talent that can snap to your unique needs and processes. We are process-agnostic but steeped in agile methodology to economically avoid common pitfalls and drags on productivity. Our experience will help you stay on track. 

And, with offices in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, we have access to a global range of talent to precisely match your expertise, experience, and communication needs—all with the quality and value you expect. 

Our expert engineers help you consistently deliver on quality, productivity, and performance commitments so that you can stay competitive in the face of constant market disruptions and increasing pressure to perform. We can also help you achieve your ambitious digitaltransformation goals. 

Capabilities Aligned with Your Needs

Prowess Consulting provides guidance and solutions that are platform and processagnostic across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid models. We provide a full range of development and testing support, including: 


Product planning & product management

Development Team

Software development team management

Software engineering

Test case development

Test Automation

Test automation & management

Manual Testing

Manual testing


Performance testing & benchmarking


Release & deployment



Strategic Outsourcing

Many organizations outsource software development and testing services strategically. They do this by planning and modeling the workstreams they intend to permanently outsource. Alternatively, they might use outsourcing to accelerate or mature new tools or emerging products to determine the right long-term staffing model. 

For more than 20 years, Prowess Consulting has proven to be an ideal partner to help enterprises meet their strategic outsourcing objectives. We build and manage teams with wide-ranging management and technical talent, often starting with a small team or even a single contributor to grow into your team organically. As our teams scale, we provide professional technical and process management to help you keep pace with the changing needs of your program. 

We help define and refine key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreements (SLAs) to make reporting efficient and meaningful. This approach arms you with the data you need and with content that can help you articulate the value you deliver to your organization. Our teams adhere to privacy, security, and other compliance requirements that are increasingly critical to successful software programs. 

Strategic Outsourcing

Opportunistic Outsourcing

Nearly every enterprise faces emergent software testing and development needs that require swift solution. Whether your organization has a strong bias toward insourcing or you are strategically outsourcing-friendly, you will have unexpected software development and testing needs. Responding to those needs does not need to derail core teams and their important priorities. 

Prowess Consulting can provide the right resources to help you quickly and affordably adapt to the unexpected. Capitalizing on talent-rich markets in Africa, proven offshore markets in Asia, and local and on-site support nearshore and onshore, we understand how to match the talent to the task to help you meet your immediate, short-term, or long-term needs and economics. 

Project, Program, and Product Management (PxM)

Prowess Consulting has two decades of experience providing management for technical teams as an outsourcing supplier for the most demanding enterprises, including many big tech industry leaders. 

Technical programs can be addressed by different types of management, even as those management needs change over time. Project, product, and program managers (PxM) have different responsibilities and skill sets, and Prowess Consulting does it all, providing the right leadership for the workstream. Our PxM leadership empowers technical-implementation teams to maximize results and to collect and present the evidence of their performance. In some instances, large programs might require a combination of roles in parallel. We help identify the needs and make clear recommendations to maintain the cadence of delivery and keep pace with your business. 

Our firsthand experience helping global technology leaders build their products and solutions gives our teams an advantage when we engage with you on any program, no matter the size. That leads to greater efficiency and cost savings for your program. 

Project Management

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