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Are you looking for a team that understands your technology from the get-go? At Prowess Consulting our engineers and developers have the skills and experience you need. They love designing innovative solutions to complex IT problems.


Competitive analysis and assessment, benchmarking, and solution validations


Full-stack engineering, front-end developers, UI development, and DevOps


Cloud assessment and strategy, development, migration, integration, and security


Big data and analytics, data strategy and consulting, master data management, and business intelligence (BI)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Mobile and wearables, mobile payments, quality assurance (QA), automation, and voice enablement

Practical engineering services with real impact

Our engineers demo, prototype, test, and prove your products for real-world conditions. With core competencies in managed IT services, benchmarking, cloud services, network engineering, and more, you can count on us when you need a skilled team that understands how to put practical knowledge into action. We also bring expertise in public- and private-cloud infrastructure solutions, app development and testing, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, networking, and IT security.


Keep up with the pace of innovation

Our strong technical focus also means that we’re the right choice for businesses that don’t want to invest lots of time into getting their consulting team up to speed. This is our space. We live and work in it, and we understand every aspect, from the underlying chips and technology to the software. We’re familiar with your end users and the many different ways they use technology.

Prowess engineers and developers are also supported by a full offshore team dedicated to creating, testing, deploying, and managing technical solutions.

Frequently asked questions

In addition to application development and testing, analytics, automation, and software engineering, we specialize in IT hardware and software engineering with deep expertise in semiconductors, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), storage, and cloud services.

We also emphasize the management workstream, to make sure our delivery teams keep pace with priorities and changing requirements. And, we report on performance and throughput defining KPIs and SLAs through dashboards or regular business reviews (MBR, QBR).

Prowess is an ideal source of development, management, and validation of internal- and external-facing services and systems. Enterprise businesses across vertical industries have a complex combination of internally developed systems and third-party apps that require integration and automation. Many businesses have multi-year backlogs of work to achieve the insight and efficiency they expect.

Prowess is flexible to deliver according to client processes, tools, and preferences with a bias toward modern lean/agile/scrum techniques that focus on productivity and accountability. We like user stories, backlogs, test cases, and sprints. Prowess can play a variety of roles snapping into client teams, leading client teams with product or program management, or taking on the entire program as an outsourced service with end-to-end accountability for planning, implementation, performance, and quality.

Benchmarking services embody the core of the Prowess story: the combination of deep technical engineering skills combined with creative storytelling and content capability. Many businesses in the computer technology supply chain need to provide their customers and partners with factual evidence that shows the benefits of moving to a new or different platform.

Some of the types of businesses that need performance benchmarking and product validation services include semiconductor manufacturers, OEM hardware manufacturers, cloud service providers, and enterprise software companies. We are one of very few consulting firms combining skilled engineering, management, and content professionals with the experience to capably perform this sensitive, technical work.

We work across industry-standard benchmarks and develop real-world, solution-based tests to show performance in relevant customer use cases.



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