Better Offshoring, Better Outcomes

Is Offshoring Worth It?

For decades enterprises have looked offshore to sustain their pace of innovation and to stay competitive. However, the cost savings of offshore outsourcing can too often come with additional expenses in the form of increased management churn, work-life balance sacrifices, and added communication overhead due to language barriers. The popularity of western companies outsourcing to Asia has increased competition for talent, leading to increased cost and more talent constraints and churn. Businesses are looking to new under-utilized geographies, like Africa, where a deep pool of talent is still largely overlooked.

Competitive pressures in day-to-day business operations perplex managers who are forced to get more done with fewer resources. These business challenges are multiplied as businesses respond to macroeconomic changes, natural disasters, and other non-competitive business disruptions. The result is a set of competing business goals, including things like:   

Is offshoring worth it?
Reduce Budgets

Reduced budgets in the face of increased competition

Modernize Systems

Pressure to modernize systems through digital transformation without distracting from strategic business priorities

Increase Output

Increased output expectations without additional headcount

The Prowess Solution

Offshoring with Prowess

Our Nigeria-based teams make use of Prowess’ management best practices, including detailed performance reporting, key performance indicator (KPI) and service-level agreement (SLA) identification, tracking, and management. These best practices can be combined with onshore management and delivery support in other strategic locations across Europe and North America to meet quality, timeline, and budget objectives.  

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