How AI-Ready Solutions Can Help Your Business Hit the Ground Running in Today’s AI Race

Prowess Consulting examined how AI-optimized solutions using Intel® and Lenovo® hardware can help accelerate your business toward an increasingly AI-powered future.

AI technologies are rapidly evolving and transforming various industries and domains. However, deploying AI successfully can be challenging and costly if you lack a trusted AI partner. In this report, sponsored by Intel, Prowess Consulting examines how Intel® and Lenovo® solutions can help your business keep moving forward into an increasingly AI-powered future by accelerating innovation, modernizing your data center, spanning cloud, edge, and core environments, and facilitating DevOps tasks. The Intel and Lenovo portfolio of AI solutions includes Lenovo servers and clients, Intel processors, the Lenovo alliance of ISV partners, and Lenovo resources and support.

To exemplify how AI can benefit your organization, we present five industry scenarios illustrating how AI can help optimize customer experiences, operational efficiency, company profitability, and risk management. After reading this report, you should have a good idea of how you can proceed with your AI initiatives while minimizing cost and risk.

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