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Keep pace with changing requirements and reduce risk to your company and customers.

Enhance your culture of compliance

Get a full view of compliance program activity and the actions of your program administrators

Identify and reduce third-party risk

Comply with changing regulations and sanctions by gaining full knowledge of business partners

Automate risk and compliance processes

Understand and manage process-related risks to your organization with the help of automation

Managing the complexities of risk

Failing to comply with regulations leads to headaches, fines, penalties, and reputational hits. At Prowess Consulting, we take a comprehensive approach to compliance, empowering our clients to put top-notch regulatory programs into action. When you partner with us, you’re putting our deep well of knowledge regarding regulated industries and governing bodies to work. We also use AI and machine learning to help you protect your enterprise and maintain your customers’ trust.


Antitrust compliance programs

There are no shortcuts when it comes to compliance—it requires constant diligence and management of your detailed documentation. We reduce the strain on your team, integrating seamlessly with your existing processes and technologies, and taking ownership of your documentation, systems, and work backlog.

Frequently asked questions

Your organization’s antitrust compliance program must assess how operations might violate antitrust law. This assessment must be in-depth, covering topics ranging from business strategy to casual conversations that occur with your competitors. It also needs to be ongoing, and include research into how effective existing policies and protocols are.

According to the United States Department of Justice (DoJ), “Any well-designed compliance program entails policies and procedures that give both content and effect to ethical norms and that address and aim to reduce risks identified by the company as part of its risk assessment process.”

This isn’t a one-time effort. In addition to having these policies in place, your antitrust compliance program needs to be comprehensive, existing in a continual feedback loop with risk assessment.

Finally, accessibility and integration practices need to be in place, meaning your company has to be able to show that its antitrust compliance program is clearly communicated and reinforced across the organization.

It’s key that your compliance program is understood by all employees. Employees should participate in risk-based training, possess clear knowledge of the company’s position on misconduct, and know how to seek guidance and advice when required.

You also need to go beyond written policy and a training program, providing an avenue for employees to report questionable behavior that leads to investigation. This reporting system should be anonymous, accessible, and audited regularly.

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