Testing the Value of Dell™ PowerEdge™ R750 Servers with Windows Server® 2022 Preinstalled


Prowess demonstrates the value of Dell PowerEdge R750 servers with Windows Server 2022 preinstalled.

Windows Server® 2022 is now generally available. For organizations that need stronger security postures, this is good news. Windows Server 2022 offers multi-layer security: certified secured-core hardware from OEM partners, a hardware root-of-trust, firmware protection, and more.

But migrating to Windows Server 2022 to gain valuable security features might seem like a daunting task. Where can IT departments find the time and budget to migrate after budget cuts and staff optimizations?

To evaluate the fastest and most cost-effective ways for companies to deploy Windows Server 2022 on Dell™ PowerEdge™ R750 servers, Prowess Consulting compared two options. We deployed Windows Server 2022 by:

  • Using preinstalled software obtained through OEM licensing
  • Manually installing software obtained through a Windows® volume licensing purchase


This white paper details the findings of the Prowess Consulting testing and analysis. Customers will benefit from reviewing the results as significant time and cost savings are available for Windows Server 2022 deployments through OEM licensing.

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