Life After SATA: KIOXIA Value SAS SEDs Protect Data with Encryption Without a Performance Hit

KIOXIA RM6 Series Value Serial-Attached SCSI (Value SAS) self-encrypting drives (SEDs) not only provide data protection and high-speed storage, but their superior price-performance over Serial ATA (SATA) removes the last hurdle to upgrading your data center.

A best-practices security plan should include a way to safeguard confidential and sensitive data from physical theft. This is accomplished by encrypting data storage using hardware- or software-based full disk encryption. The results of Prowess Consulting workload testing indicate that self-encrypting drives (SEDs) built on value serial-attached SCSI (value SAS) technology can encrypt data without impacting storage performance or latency. Using results from a separate study, we concluded that value SAS SEDs perform better than traditional 6 gigabits per second Serial ATA (6 Gb/s SATA) drives and cost less than NVM Express™ (NVMe™) PCIe® drives.

Tasked with protecting your organization’s most valuable asset—its data—you have critical decisions to make. You need information that cuts through the gloom and doom and helps you make the most effective data storage choices possible. Read our analysis on the security and performance benefits that value SAS SEDs can give your data center. Learn why there is so much more to life after SATA.

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