Java-Based Benchmarking Shines a Light on How Underlying Architecture Impacts Cloud Performance


Use Java Development Kit (JDK®) benchmarking results to make evidence-based management decisions that can help you achieve optimal performance from cloud-native applications.

The point of benchmarking is to translate lab results into actionable business decisions. For example, say you want improved performance from cloud-native, Java-based applications. Benchmarking can help you make evidence-based decisions about purchasing software and hardware and provisioning resources.

It is a given that improving workload performance in the cloud can help satisfy your customers’ ever-growing appetites for fast, accurate data delivery. Customers who get stuck with a slow or faltering experience while performing search queries, watching media streams, or accessing medical or financial information might soon take their business elsewhere. Of course, improved performance is only one reason why so many organizations have migrated workloads such as Elasticsearch®, Apache Cassandra®, and Apache Spark™ to the cloud. Organizations of all sizes are using cloud-based platforms to stay competitive, meet service-level agreements (SLAs), and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

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