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Are You Fighting Today’s Threats with Yesterday’s Defenses?

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Executive Summary

The role of hardware-based security in the battle against advanced and below-the-operating-system attacks, including ransomware.

Today’s client-security environment is more complex than ever. Attacks are growing in number and sophistication,while well-established cybercrime methods, such as phishing, continue to open doors to hackers. At the same time, the attack surface has increased due to many more employees working from home, outside the protection of the corporate firewall.

<p\>These realities pose a serious challenge to traditional client-security software, which resides above the operating system (OS). Due to their lack of visibility below the OS, traditional client-security programs have limited ability to protect system software. A thorough security solution for desktop or laptop PCs should use hardware-based security capabilities, which extend protection below the OS, to augment software only detection techniques. As you will see in this paper, hardware-enabled security can help detect and protect against new types of threats, including ransomware and cryptomining attacks. And in fact, hardware-based security has the potential to eliminate an entire class of attacks: control-flow hijacking.

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