Cloud Based Endpoint Management Made Easier

Cloud Based Endpoint Management Made Easier

Intel Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel EMA) Shines in Ease-of-Use and Efficiency Tests Conducted by Prowess Consulting

Business professionals are away from their desks 50 to 60 percent of the time.1 Under such circumstances, how do you connect to malfunctioning devices to see what users are seeing when they are outside your firewall? How do you update the operating systems on those devices or power cycle a system when it is no longer responding? As more of the users you support work outside the firewall and access cloud-based services more than the intranet, management and support gets more complicated.

Cloud based endpoint management infographic

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)—a part of the Intel vPro® platform—can help address these realities by enabling admins to manage enabled endpoints remotely, regardless of an endpoint’s power state or even if its operating system is functioning. To help IT organizations use these technologies, Intel developed Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) software to ease the configuration of Intel Active Management Technology and provide a portal for cloud-based management of Intel vPro platform–based devices.

To validate this claim to functionality and assess how Intel Endpoint Management Assistant could aid admins who want to manage endpoints running Intel® Core vPro® processors, engineers at Prowess Consulting installed and tested the technology. We conducted two kinds of testing:

  • Installing Intel Endpoint Management Assistant in a test environment
  • Performing a wide range of endpoint-management functions using both the Intel Endpoint Management Assistant graphical user interface (GUI) and the associated API

We found that installation went (almost) completely as anticipated and that the functionality worked as expected. In our testing, Intel Endpoint Management Assistant lived up to Intel’s claims about it providing simplified, cloud-based, out-of-band management that can complement the in-band capabilities that organizations already use for endpoint management. Our investigation found that Intel Endpoint Management Assistant software eases the configuration of Intel Active Management Technology and provides a smart tool for cloud-based management of Intel vPro platform–based devices.

For more details, read our full report here:

1 “Telecommuting Trend Data.” July 2018.

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