Lower Your TCO by Selecting the Right Platform for Your Oracle® Workloads


Prowess research finds that two- and four-socket Dell EMC PowerEdge servers can offer consistent high performance and better three-year total costs of ownership (TCOs) for powering Oracle workloads than two- and four-socket solutions based on IBM POWER9 processors.

Thanks to its high performance and reliability, Oracle Database has become the industry’s most popular enterprise relational database. In fact, for many IT and database admins, Oracle Database is the clear choice to support their businesses’ high-performance, mission-critical workloads. What is less clear for organizations is which hardware platform and operating system they should use to support their

Oracle databases:

  • Proprietary platforms such as IBM Power Systems servers running the IBM AIX operating system
  • Or industry-standard platforms built on x86 servers, such as Dell EMC PowerEdge servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

When it comes to performance and total cost of ownership (TCO), how do the competing options compare?

Read the full whitepaper to learn more about our findings.

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