Changing Hardware Needs in the Evolving Financial-Industry Landscape


Prowess Consulting recommends three steps for transforming IT operations to increase revenue and profitability while reducing risk.

More Is Expected From IT Leaders Today

IT has changed. Today’s IT leaders are no longer just order takers who build technology to match specifications. They are expected to be thought leaders that support organizational strategies for increasing revenue and profitability while reducing risk. For every new project an IT organization launches, the IT team must be able to answer the question, “How is business value being delivered?”

It can be challenging to achieve this level of business impact. Staff might be limited, and capital expenditure (CapEx) budgets might be constrained. Ongoing tech-refresh cycles can consume valuable time. And advanced security threats must be continually monitored to manage business risk. These demands are compounded by the recent focus on reducing the use of power and other natural resources to meet sustainability goals.

Delivering Value

Prowess Consulting explored how IT teams can best deliver value given the challenges they face. Based on our research, we devised three recommendations for IT teams seeking to deliver value to improve business results. These are:

  • Build a forward-looking infrastructure
  • Select a business-oriented operating system (OS)
  • Simplify software licensing

This paper dives into detail on these three recommendations. We use 16G Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers to show how organizations can create a forward-looking infrastructure. Windows Server 2022 is used to demonstrate features needed in a business-oriented OS. Finally, we illustrate the benefits of simplifying software licensing using the example of licensing through Dell Technologies.

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