Five Ways Content Delivery Network (CDN) Providers Can Meet the Challenges of a Rapidly Changing Business Landscape


CDNs can meet market needs by augmenting their engineering, logistics, and supply chain capabilities with solutions from Dell Technologies OEM Solutions and AMD.

Content delivery network (CDN) providers, including companies designing their own CDN solutions, face a rapidly changing business landscape. With the move to remote work and rising demand for 4K and 8K media content, traffic over CDNs is up sharply. At the same time, opportunities to offer new services like immersive gaming and live events beckon—and at global scale. But challenges abound. Today, CDNs are competing not only on technical offerings but on the ability to offer compelling business models and comprehensive support services.

Prowess Consulting research identified five focus areas that CDN providers should pursue to succeed in today’s environment. These include improving scalability, minimizing network latency, increasing cost effectiveness and energy efficiency to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), enhancing resiliency and reliability, and prioritizing security.

This research study outlines how a CDN provider can prioritize these focus areas using solutions and resources from Dell Technologies OEM Solutions and AMD. Dell Technologies OEM Solutions offers design and engineering capabilities, customization, tailored service offerings, and global logistics and supply chain resources that help CDN providers design solutions based on industry-leading infrastructure such as Dell PowerEdge servers and deploy them globally with robust customer support. AMD® processors power solutions that help ensure that servers comprising a CDN manage peak traffic demands, offer high availability, and expand geographic reach while offering robust security features and greater value

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