Going Cloud-Native: Tips for Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Storage Solution for Your Business

Prowess Consulting looked at two competitors’ offerings to see which one provided a more seamless, scalable, and performant cloud-native NAS solution.

Businesses are storing some of their resources in the public cloud for its scalability, flexibility, security, and manageability. While network-attached storage (NAS) is a familiar, trusted storage technology, public cloud-based versions are still emerging, so their feature sets can vary widely from one offering to the next.

We started our research by looking at the challenges that businesses face when migrating their data into the cloud. These issues led to the question, “What storage features do I need to be successful in my cloud journey?” We established a list of must-have features that we felt addressed this question. This list helped us uncover two standouts in the cloud-native NAS market: Dell™ APEX File Storage for AWS and NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP® high availability (HA) configuration.

We also did a side-by-side comparison to identify any differences between the two solutions. Based on its superior migration ease, bandwidth, and scalability, we concluded that Dell APEX File Storage for AWS comes out a winner over NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA configuration.

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