Prowess Celebrates 18 Years: Maturity Matters

Prowess Celebrates 18 Years: Maturity Matters

My partner Melyssa and I founded Prowess Consulting during April of 2003 – 18 years ago this month. We have served the tech industry successfully for nearly two decades, through important changes in both technology and in the global economy. AWS had just tantalized the industry with a dream solution they called “cloud,” and smart phones were still years away from disrupting the world. Through this steady march of change, we have found that our company’s unique combination of technical and creative skills remains not only relevant, but is perhaps even more important today than when we began.

The spectrum of technical and creative ability at Prowess has set us apart from the many global and niche firms around us. When we started Prowess, it was not clear to us that this combination was unique until our clients told us so. We have the technical capabilities of a system integrator and the creative capabilities of a marketing agency under one roof.

Our clients find that a single engagement with Prowess can deliver what could otherwise require two separate engagements with two different vendors. Compared to that model, Prowess can cut clients’ administration and management time and deliver services at a lower total cost. Not all engagements capitalize on all our capabilities, but all our clients benefit from our diversity of talent.

We started Prowess to serve clients who could benefit from our knowledge and experience in IT infrastructure and content. Technology and story. We found that we could effectively tell the stories of technology products with words, pictures, and functional computing environments. All teams serving both marketing and engineering functions have a fundamental need for this combination of skills—skills that enable us to reach our clients’ audiences in ways that address their priorities and that speak to their needs.

Indeed, the entire technology product lifecycle comprises stories that need to be told to many different audiences—from technology product teams to channel partners to end users and even to the global public. The more clearly the stories are told and the better the audience understands them, the faster they lead to desirable results. These results include smarter feature prioritization, better pricing and packaging decisions, faster field and channel mobilization, greater customer adoption and satisfaction, and ultimately superior financial results.

Today, Prowess is not only bigger than when we started, but we are also pushing ourselves and each other to go farther. We are putting more effort into greater specialization in our core competencies while also expanding technical capabilities around platforms and tools.

Specifically, we are adding new offerings in cloud engineering and data-analytics services. We are developing more offshore and hybrid-delivery options to deliver even better value, provide around-the-clock support, and reduce risk through multiple, geographically dispersed delivery centers. And we are investing more in employee diversity.

The result is that Prowess is better positioned than ever to serve technology product owners and their businesses. We are poised to accompany your organization and your teams’ journeys at every step. Journeys that span from early product-management efforts in competitive market analysis through go-to-market and sales enablement of field and channel partners. And we can help with ongoing compliance, technical support, and brand storytelling endeavors that help you focus on innovation and market leadership. To our many long-standing clients, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you. You have my continued commitment to providing high-quality service and value. To the clients and friends we haven’t met yet, I invite you to reach out and learn first-hand how we can help you achieve your goals.

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