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The digital world is moving at the speed of light. At Prowess we’re invigorated by solving complex challenges, and our clients turn to us because they know we’re the best choice to help them stay on the cutting edge.


Who we are: Trusted technical and creative leaders

You need a team that truly understands your business and your tech. Prowess consultants possess a bedrock of deep technical knowledge, a focus on managing the details, and a knack for innovative storytelling that puts people first.

What we do: Hybrid marketing and technology solutions, programs, and much more

Our capabilities span content, engineering, marketing, management, outsourcing, and more. Each of our teams is highly collaborative, using their depth and breadth of experience to understand the nitty-gritty details and demands of your technology.

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It seems like everyone these days is incorporating generative AI (GenAI) to improve efficiency, productivity, and costs. GenAI holds the promise to be a game changer, but many businesses aren’t sure whether or how it’s right for them. If you find yourself questioning whether AI is the right fit for your business, you’re not alone. Despite all the buzz, GenAI isn’t seeing universal adoption just yet. In fact, research by The Register finds that a whopping 81% of mid-market organizations are currently avoiding AI. They just don’t see the benefit. While caution is understandable before jumping on the GenAI bandwagon (see our blog post about this), the pressure is mounting to harness GenAI and reap its benefits. So, what’s the smart way forward? In a word: planning. GenAI is a journey, and like any trip, it requires a roadmap and thoughtfully planned steps. Here’s some guidance for charting your course in GenAI.
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Many organizations use Microsoft® SharePoint® as a document repository and archive. Yours may be one of them. But SharePoint® offers more than that. It can become a unifying hub that reaches across the company. The site can be used as a dynamic daily point-of-entry for company news, the latest links to developments within the company, and any communications from the administration, various business and tech units, channels, and teams. SharePoint® also provides links to internal site sections. We understand that organizations can build and manage their own SharePoint® sites. But many of our clients prefer to have us develop and maintain the content and workflows for their sites because we bring real value to those assets. Even with SharePoint’s considerable capabilities, it’s economical for our clients to let Prowess Consulting build and manage their sites. More important, though, we free up IT, web development, and management teams to work on other tasks—saving you time and money.
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If you read the tech news, you might believe that every business is using Generative AI (GenAI) to increase efficiency and productivity. But the real picture is quite different. Relax, you’re not falling behind. Let’s dive in.
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