IT testing and product validation services

Bridge the gap between raw data and insightful narratives that tell your story and emphasize the unique value of your offerings. We make the data digestible, presenting it in a form that resonates with key decision makers.

Authentic tech storytelling

Validate your claims and transform them into compelling narratives that captivate your audience and make a lasting impact

Quicker results

Save time and skip the tedious process of bringing writers up to speed on your technology

Sharper positioning

Refine your product’s positioning and messaging, making sure it resonates with your target audience

Sales cycle support

Stay focused with a team that aligns with product owners and marketers from product conception to market

Comprehensive services

Reduce your stress and workload by partnering with one team that does it all, leading to one great outcome

Information management expertise

Prowess Consulting’s independent team of seasoned IT analysts and engineers conduct in-depth research and provide consultative services, enlightening IT decision makers on the best-fit products and architectures. But our services are about more than just research. We go further, by procuring and setting up environments, running tests, capturing results, and validating those results multiple times, before writing up our findings.


Verify your claim

In this bustling tech market, every company has a claim. But those claims aren’t always backed by facts. At Prowess, we delve deep into the mechanics of your products and offer third-party validation that lends credibility and power to your marketing assertions.

Our writers and content developers are technologists with hands-on experience in the IT sector, who are capable of understanding the intricacies of your products. When you work with a Prowess team, you’re gaining the expertise of both validators and storytellers, amplifying the impact of your ideas and offerings.

Our core testing and validation capabilities

Want to know if Prowess is the right partner for you? Included below are some of the areas where our teams shine.

Performance and evaluation

Assess the performance of your products against industry standards


Determine where your offerings stand in the market against competitors

On-premises and cloud services

Perform versatile testing for varied infrastructures

Operational analysis

Dive deeply into the functional aspects of your solutions

Proof of concept

Validate and demonstrate the practicality of your innovative ideas

Custom reports and content

Access tailored content that speaks directly to your target audience


Get started

Interested in telling your story with authority and flair? Reach out to the Prowess team today. Let’s create narratives together that drive results showcasing our validation.

Frequently asked questions

In addition to application development and testing, analytics, automation, and software engineering, we specialize in IT hardware and software engineering with deep expertise in semiconductors, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), storage, and cloud services.

We also emphasize the management workstream, to make sure our delivery teams keep pace with priorities and changing requirements. And, we report on performance and throughput defining KPIs and SLAs through dashboards or regular business reviews (MBR, QBR).

Prowess is an ideal source of development, management, and validation of internal- and external-facing services and systems. Enterprise businesses across vertical industries have a complex combination of internally developed systems and third-party apps that require integration and automation. Many businesses have multi-year backlogs of work to achieve the insight and efficiency they expect.

Prowess is flexible to deliver according to client processes, tools, and preferences with a bias toward modern lean/Agile/Scrum techniques that focus on productivity and accountability. We like user stories, backlogs, test cases, and sprints. Prowess can play a variety of roles snapping into client teams, leading client teams with Product or Program Management, or taking on the entire program as an Outsourced Service with end-to-end accountability for planning, implementation, performance, and quality.

Benchmarking services embody the core of the Prowess story: the combination of deep technical engineering skills combined with creative storytelling and content capability. Many

businesses in the computer technology supply chain need to provide their customers and partners with factual evidence that shows the benefits of moving to a new or different platform.

Some of the types of businesses that need performance benchmarking and product validation services include semiconductor manufacturers, OEM hardware manufacturers, cloud service providers, and enterprise software companies. We are one of very few consulting firms combining skilled engineering, management, and content professionals with the experience to capably perform this sensitive, technical work.

We work across industry standard benchmarks and develop real world, solution-based tests to show performance in relevant customer use cases.